Exciting games

1. Bang

Bang is also a game where you have to eliminate the other players and that takes as their theme the Wild West. However there are some subtleties. A player plays the sheriff in the midst of outlaws. The role of this player is known to other players. On the other hand, among the outlaws is a renegade, who wants to take the place of the sheriff, and whose role is not revealed early in the game. The sheriff or renegade win by surviving all the other players.This means that the outlaws must be as wary of the renegade as the sheriff. Cards can increase the strategic dimension of the game, since depending on the weapons or protections possessed a player may be more threatening or more difficult to kill.

Bang is a basic game that is intended for 4 to 7 players for half-hour games. However, there are many extensions, which vary the number of players possible and the duration of a game. It’s up to you to choose your extensions based on what you are looking for!

Although the game can be played as a family with children from the age of eight, it really takes a strategic dimension between adults, when outlaws try to eliminate the renegade while fighting the sheriff.I really recommend it if you enjoy role-playing games. You can play, why not, at a marathon party of your favorite westerns.

2. UNO

I do not know if UNO is the best board game of all time, but I’m sure it’s one of the best-known games. It is very likely that you have at least heard of it, but it is worth it to be presented.The principle of the game is very simple: as in MITO, you must get rid of all your cards. But this time of course, it is strictly forbidden to cheat, it will be necessary to respect the rules.You will have to put over the card at the top of the stack a card of your game of the same color or with the same number. But if it were all that, it would be too simple. Some cards allow to change the rules, or to put a spoke in the wheels of other players.

What gives the UNO its name is that when you only have one card left in hand, you must say “UNO”. A clever way to signal the progress of the game and put pressure on other players.Of all the games that I propose to you, UNO is undoubtedly the most widespread and the biggest public. It is playable from 2 to 10 players from 7 years and will be able to occupy a family as well as adults around an aperitif. It is one of those board games that have become almost indispensable.

3. Limit Limit

Limit Limit is the French version of the American game Cards Against Humanity , one of the most popular board games in the United States. The concept is very similar to that of Blanc-Manger Coco: a player is designated as the boss. He must then propose a card with a sentence with holes. Other players place cards face down to complete the holes, and the boss chooses the combination he or she prefers. It is then another player to take the role of the boss.Exactly as Coco White-Food, Limit Limit does not bother with politically correct. In many ways, he goes even further than his colleague! If you are the type to appreciate a lot of black humor, bad faith, and comparisons sometimes frankly gores, you should really appreciate.

4. Code Names

Code Names is in line with Concept and games that are above all for you to think. Code Names playable from 2 to 8 players. I recommend you focus on teenagers or adults, because the principle of play can be difficult for young children.You must form two teams. Once done, you will have to guess your teammates a set of words. But rules come to spice up the game: the person who makes guessing has the right to give a single index, and a number that corresponds to the number of words to find. The subtlety is that you must avoid guessing the words of your opponents, and that there is a word trap.

If the idea of ​​Concept pleased you, but you found that the game lacked stakes or competition, Code Names will certainly suit you. The games are short and the game is easy to animate an evening where boredom begins to grow.

5. Small World

Small World is a game that takes place in a fantasy world where fourteen people compete for a world too small for them. In this world you will find orcs, humans, dwarves and other creatures. If your loved ones or friends are in love with fantasy universes like those of Tolkien, this game could be just right for them.The goal of Small World is to expand your empire and especially to dominate your opponents. Depending on the characters you play, you will have special powers and will have to develop strategies to conquer neighboring areas. If your empire becomes huge, it will be exposed from all sides and you may have to delay to hope to return to the game even more powerful. The more regions you control during your turn, the more victory points you collect.