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What is the Apps Panel?

Since 2010, the company Apps Panel offers a set of tools to manage native applications, regardless of the reading support or its operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Web applications). Application management is done using a web interface with a hosting structure “Cloud” which allows it to have optimal performance and stability. This technology is called  MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) or MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) depending on usage.

Apps Panel also has its own mobile agency that manages projects from their design to their publication on the blinds through graphic design and development.

Through its Live Apps and Apps Report services , Apps Panel supports its customers in the animation of their mobile community and in the tracking of statistical data of their application.

Apps By Store:

Apps By Store is a packaged m-commerce solution that allows easy and quick access to optimal mobile sales at a controlled cost.

With native apps, you gain customer loyalty in a sustainable way by creating a world of exclusivity based on mobile marketing.

Apps By Night:

Apps By Night is a specific solution for creating mobile apps for nightlife actors. Our apps are available on all existing platforms (Apple, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) and cater to managers of discotheques, clubs, bars, DJs, or restaurants.

The Apps By Night solution is a communication tool perfectly suited to your type of clientele, which will allow you to extend your brand awareness and make you stand out in an innovative way!

Apps By Discovery:

Your users are increasingly equipped with mobiles, creating new expectations: contextual use to obtain local information or preparation of visits to other places, waiting for information on current events  real time

The Apps By Discovery offer was created by the mobile application publisher Apps Tablet and the publisher of content tourism and leisure via France, to address these issues.

What is your profile?

I am currently CEO of APPS PANEL. My training (EPITECH) allowed me very early to put me in the bath of entrepreneurship, first in the Junior Enterprise School (EPIWEB) in October 2007 that I created, then the creation of my first company, the IAL web agency (Informatique A Lyon) in April 2008. I then participated in other entrepreneurial projects, as a partner providing a technical guarantee .

How was born Apps Panel?

I have identified the interest of pooling apps back office developments to significantly reduce the production costs of these apps, more than a year before the generic term “Mobile Backend” is needed.

The APPS PANEL project was born at the end of 2010 within a second company created in September, the mobile agency NOMEO, in order to prepare the response to the mobile app wave “2.0” which is that of the reasoned investment in term ROI and not just the presence with a “showcase apps” which we do not know in fine or little real impact.

What is your best entrepreneurial advice?

To undertake is a bet on the future, it is to try to create and to make live a project. You have to trust your ideas and do not hesitate to try again and persevere when things do not go as planned.