Gadgets to Regain Your Health

Gadgets to get in shape

You have decided to take back your health, to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Besides the will, we sometimes need little extra stuff to achieve it. Here are 5 gadgets that will help you get in shape.

A personal trainer in the pocket

If you lack motivation, here is an application that will not cost you anything, and that can help you to keep this good resolution that you formulated on December 31: “Next year, I get in shape! “. The Adidas brand indeed offers for free this application which is an interactive training program using your mp3 playlist. The strength of Train & Runis to have in his pocket a “coach” who gives his instructions in real time. The application also allows you to monitor several parameters: heartbeat, your circuits of races, calories spent, speed … It is you who set the objectives: weight loss, improvement of your endurance, training for a 5km … The program will be built according to your goals and personal settings (age, weight) a tailored training program. So, no more valid excuses for not moving!

Healthy noodles

Getting back into shape does not only mean increasing physical activity, it also means paying attention to your diet. Like a car, your body needs quality fuel. If you do not eat enough vegetables, here is an item that could really help you, the spiral cutter  is a device that makes healthy noodles. You can indeed create slices or noodles of fruits and vegetables the simplest of the world: insert the food and turn! It is therefore very easy to turn fruits and vegetables into julian noodles and make salads with carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, zucchini, radish, apples, pears, cabbage … Bon appétit!

Move, play, stay in shape!

Here is a purchase that will allow you to move and keep fit in a very fun way since it is the game console Kinect for Xbox 360 . There are games to move like  Zumba , Your Shape: Fitness Evolved , Kinect Sports Ultimate and Dance Central 3 . The interest of this console in sports is to be able to track the calories that have been burned, and to compare its results with those of his friends. Nothing better than a little friendly competition to keep motivation!

A smart bottle

When it comes to healthy eating, being hydrated is a vital act that must be repeated several times a day. Depending on its age, its weight, where in the world we live, the quantities needed vary. The gourd Hydrate Spark 2.0 , which can synchronize with FitBit or Apple Watch, tell you when to drink by lighting. The application keeps track of what you have drunk, so you can check that you have had good hydration and correct the shot if it is not.