Online Marketing Techniques

How to transpose this definition on the Web? The concept remains the same but the methods evolve. Marketing is not an exact science. It is a practice that is renewed and adapts to time and space. Marketing has evolved in a few decades from mass marketing (broad targets, one to many) to direct marketing (individualized targets, one to one).

web_communautaireIn the Web, Marketing is practiced today within the media and social networks. Here are some techniques:

Profile diffusion : Treat and Publish your profile ( FaceBook , LinkedIn , Viadeo , Twitter …) through your communications media (sites, blogs ..) or through your regular newsletters. Your profile is at once: your business card, your expertise and your references.

Dissemination of Content : Take advantage of the various social bookmarking platforms ( Digg ), MicroBlogging ( Twitter ) and others to spread your content widely and make you known. Do not hesitate, for a company, to create your blog and animate it regularly: Respond to comments and feedback from users is imperative.

Evolve its content : Take back your supports and adapt them according to the target audience and the social platform. SlideShare is a good way to broadcast your presentations. Do not hesitate to create your own Podcasts / Videos / Images to make yourself known or make known your brand or service. Above all, content is a way to get in touch with other people on social networks by engaging in discussions . Your content must respect the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Search engines are the most used way to find information online. Use keyword referencing to position yourself in the search results. Check your positioning regularly with free tools such as Positeo . Also, do not neglect the above rules regarding content management. Search engines also take into account media and social media content: Blogs, Images, Videos and Podcasts will be your ambassadors.

Trend control : Stay tuned to the market and consumer reviews. There is a multitude of web monitoring tools ( Monitoring Tools ). These tools will help you to follow the opinions / quotes that concern you and react if necessary.

If you’re new to social media : Do not tell yourself that you have to react, tweet and Take the time to adapt to your new environment. Subscribe to RSS feeds from sites or blogs. Create your alerts. Listening and following regularly is in itself a great job and a great source of instruction.