Top Best Adult Games in 2019

In this guide I propose you to look for the best adult board game to put an end to boredom. I suggest you review games that will suit adults, but some games in this selection will also be very suitable for families.

1. White-eating Coco

White-eating Coco is a card game designed for adults who have a weakness for black humor. Each player will take turns reading a question card, which contains a sentence to complete. The other players will then have to put on the table face down a response card, which will complete the sentence. To warn you: the goal is clearly to push the limits of the politically correct.It will be up to the player who posed the question card to designate his preferred answer to award points to the player who proposed it. In the basic edition, you already have 132 question cards and 468 answer cards, and if you like the game or the parts start to look like, many extensions.

The extensions of the game are of two types: generic extensions that contain maps of all kinds, and thematic extensions. For example, in the themes we find football, geek culture, or parenthood. You have the possibility to organize theme nights. All extensions are compatible with each other and with the basic game.Blanc-manger Coco is a simple and effective game that can take half an hour a group of 3 to 10 players and trigger big laughs. On the other hand, I do not recommend it with children or with people too sensitive to the politically correct, who might not adhere to the principle.

2. Concept

Concept is a game that plays on a very different register of Blanc-manger Coco, whose goal is to make your imagination and your synthetic mind work. In teams, you will have to guess concepts to other players by placing pawns on the icons of the game board. The goal is to be as logical as possible, but you will soon realize that everyone does not have the same logic.This is what makes the game so rich and interesting: learning to put yourself in the shoes of your friends and loved ones, and looking for what seems to flow for them … but not necessarily for you.

More than winning or getting points, the fun of the game lies in the totally unexpected and fun associations that some people will be able to make while trying to make them guess something else.It is also an excellent choice of game if you want to limit tensions and to escape the bad players and the bad mood: how to win at little importance, we let ourselves be caught by Concept while forgetting the competition!

Given the effort of imagination and reflection required, very young children will have a little trouble understanding the game, but no worries from a decade. The game is suitable for family reunions and large groups as it can be played from 4 to 20 players and will take about forty minutes.

3. Killer Party

You are not seduced by Concept? You find the idea interesting, but are you looking for a real challenge, competition, tactics and betrayal? Then you should enjoy Killer Party, where each player becomes an assassin who must execute his target.The games are played in a simple way: a game master assigns each player a target and a mission card. The goal is then to succeed in assassinating his target according to the indications of the mission card.

When a player reaches his goal, he recovers the target and the mission card of his victim and continues the game. The goal is either to be the last survivor or to have eliminated the most opponents.Obviously in Killer Party, you can not trust anyone and you will have to be strategic and thoughtful to reach your end and reveal your killer abilities. It is a very rich game, intended for players who really want to invest.

If you are looking for a new board game for a group of veteran players, I recommend it. It is necessary to be at least 8 players, and it is possible to be up to 50 assassins.I recommend this game before especially to adult board games lovers, because of the length of the games. Indeed, it takes about four hours to finish a game, and depending on the number of players, you can arrive at two-day games.

4. MITO License to cheat

MITO is part of the family board games that you will find in this list. This is a card game whose goal is to get rid of all your cards. For this, you can of course follow the rules of the game. But, as the subtitle indicates, it is also allowed to cheat.However, cheating can only be done under one condition: you must be able to avoid getting caught! At each round, a player becomes the bedbug, represented by a card. He must then monitor the actions of other players and denounce the cheaters.MITO is an easy-to-understand game that can easily appeal to young children from 7 years old. The funny aesthetics and the theme of insects can seduce them, but what will undoubtedly make them even more fun is the possibility of cheating without being reprimanded.

The game allows for short games and good fits of laughter if you play with cheats inveterate and unobtrusive. Reading the surprise and disappointment on the faces of cheaters who get caught and seeing them wince can cause good slices of laughter. Especially when the cheaters in question were persuaded to have succeeded.I strongly advise MITO if you are looking for a game for the family around which to meet and share good times. The concept makes it possible to avoid disputes with children as much as possible.

5. Plots

Among our board games rankings, Plots is one of the games that are aimed especially at those who want to show their mastery of the art of bluffing and their sense of strategy. In the vein of Killer Party, this is a game in which you have to eliminate your opponents, but the rules are obviously very different.In Plots, you have character cards. There are six characters with different powers, and depending on the cards you have, you can perform certain actions. For example, you can spy or bribe.

The subtlety is that you can perfectly bluff on the cards you own. As long as no one disputes your good faith, you can act freely, however, if anyone thinks you’re lying, you’ll engage in a deadly bluff duel.I find this game particularly interesting because it is very pleasant to play for regulars board games without being too complicated to take in hand for novices. Everyone will enjoy aligning the games, and the game becomes more and more rich and interesting as you gain experience and you can better bluff on the cards possessed.

For those who lack time, this game will be more suitable than Killer Party, since a game lasts only fifteen minutes. You can play 2 to 8 players and determine which of your loved ones bluffs the best.